Sierra Fire Lookout Webcams


Buck Rock Lookout


Buck Rock WebCam #2 - Northwest to Converse Mtn.

Kaweah Commonwealth camera

Park Ridge Webcam



Milk Ranch Peak Lookout



Jordan Peak Lookout webcam




Springville Mountain Lookout webcam


Sherman Peak Lookout webcam




Bald Mountain Lookout webcam



Tobias Peak Lookout webcam


Breckenridge Peak Lookout webcam





Northern Cal. satellite image

Live webcam setup - DropCam installation
North Fire Satellite with infrared
Heat signature showing
South Fire Satellite with infrared
Heat signature showing

"Filmmaker on the frontlines of firefight"
Alan Simmons is a former firefighter who captures, up close, the intense work trying to control major wildfires.
Simmons tells Anderson Cooper what it's like to battle rapidly growing blazes in California.
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Southern Cal. satellite image

Santa Ana Winds - Fire weather
Santa Ana Winds - weather page with webcams

Cal Fire Incidents - Size, locations, and updates

Cal  Fire Radio - CDF streaming radio


California Active Fires


Mt. Tam Cam - Live Tamalpais webcam